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Why You Should Unclog a Toilet Immediately


Always Unclog Toilets Immediately To Avoid Water Damage

I unfortunately know this tip well, because I have suffered the consequences of not unclogging our toilet fast. The clog was especially “stuck” this time and I was taking a break from trying to unclog it. Well I forgot about it and went to work that morning. I remembered it at work but “no big deal” right?? Just a clogged toilet. Well little did I know that the valve inside my toilet was deteriorated and slowly leaking water into the bowl. So little you could not see it with the naked eye. Over the course of 9 hours though, this little bit of water turns into a lot. It overflowed, ran onto the floor, found its way down the floor air vent, traveled down into the basement, found a crack in the air vent and slowly but surely flooded my basement. I will NEVER leave a toilet clogged again!!!

Three Great Methods For Unclogging Your Toilet

Unfortunately, clogged toilets are something that most people will experience at least once in their lifetime. Whether your child has flushed a toy, your flushing power isn’t enough to push debris through, or you’ve been flushing the wrong items, a clogged toilet can be a major inconvenience if you’re not sure how to fix the clog. The good news is that most clogged toilets will not require a visit from the plumber as they can typically be fixed quite easily.

The first way to fix a clogged toilet is by using a good old fashioned plunger. If the cause of your clog is not a lodged item, such as a toy, a plunger is a quick and effective method of fixing the clog. To fix a clogged toilet with a plunger, the first step is protecting your floor in case of overflow or splashes. You can use newspaper or a towel to line the area around your toilet. You can also prep yourself by wearing rubber gloves and older clothing. The next step in unclogging your toilet would be to place a good quality plunger into the bowl of the toilet. To be effective, the plungers should make a seal around the hole in the bowl of the toilet while being completely submerged in water. If there is not enough water, add water from another source instead of flushing again. When your plunger is in the correct position, begin pumping the plunger up and down, starting off slowly. It may take a few tries, but eventually, the suction created will help dislodge the clog. Once you believe the clog is loose, try flushing again. If the toilet still seems clogged, add water and repeat the process.

The next method you can use to remove stubborn clogs is creating a drain cleaner at home to help break up the clog. To create a drain cleaner, you will need baking soda, vinegar, and a half gallon of water that is hot but not boiling. Very hot water can cause damage to the porcelain that the toilet is made from, so think of hot tea or coffee as a good temperature measurement. Once you have the hot water ready to go, you’ll want to add one cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar to the bowl of the toilet. The chemical reaction can be a great way to break up whatever is clogging your toilet unless it’s a solid object like a toy. After you’ve added the baking soda and vinegar, take the half gallon of hot water and pour it into the toilet from about waist level. The force of the water pouring into the bowl can help move the clog through. Allow the mixture to sit in the toilet overnight. In the morning, the toilet should be clog free. If it still remains clogged after a couple of flushes, you’ll need to try a method for hard obstructions.

If you have a hard obstruction, such as a child’s toy or a bottle, in your toilet, the previous methods won’t be able to remove the clog. To remove a stubborn clog, you may need to use a wire coat hanger. A wire coat hanger can be used to push through a clog that isn’t too far into the pipe. To do this, you’ll want to unravel and stretch out a wire coat hanger. After you’ve got it straightened out, wrap a towel around one end and secure with duct tape. Push the wrapped end into the drain. If you feel the clog, push against it to try to get it to move along. If it seems to be stubborn, you can wiggle the hanger and maneuver it around until you feel the clog move and the toilet flushes freely.

These methods for unclogging your toilet can be great when you’re struggling with a clog. If the methods above fail to work, a plumber may be necessary to help you fully evacuate the clog. Typically, most clogs will be quite easy to deal with, although there can be some more stubborn clogs. Always take your time when working on a clog and remember that it may take multiple tries to get it right.

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