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Unblock Your Sewer Lines to Prevent Flooding

Sewer lines operate on gravity and will follow the natural slope of the ground. Most city-owned sewer lines will run quite deep and may be between eight and fifteen deep in spots near to homes from which the sewage is collected. Sewage lines that branch out from homes will be at least three feet deep and will lead to the nearest manhole on municipal sewers.

Sewer drains getting choked can cause a serious problem of flooding and result in unsanitary conditions that can turn out to be life-threatening if not attended to in time. Blockage in drainage outlets can often be a localized problem and confined to one fixture like a toilet, bathtub, sink or laundry drain. It is is often the result of requiring the drain to carry away debris that it is not designed for. This debris will not get carried away and will act as a nucleus to gather further debris until the entire flow in the drain is blocked and prevents the sewer from flowing freely. Most sewer blockages are noticed in the toilets that have the biggest drain line and are often connected directly to sewer lines. Bathtubs and showers would show the signs of a sewer line before kitchen sinks as they are located at lower levels. First signs of a blockage that will ultimately lead to flooding in the home may be noticed in the toilets or sinks that are in the lowest areas of the home, like basements.

Another sign of sewer line blockages that can lead to flooding is from unusual events like sink taps producing bubbles in the toilets, when they are operated, or water in the toilet rising instead of draining away. Blockage in sewer lines outside the home may lead to water coming out of the catch pits or manholes to which all the drainage from the house is connected. These blockages can also be caused by tree roots getting into sewer lines. It can cause flooding in the yard, and if the water is black water, from the toilets, this can lead to unsanitary conditions developing, which give rise to the growth of bacteria and fungus. There will also be the odor of sewage. A gurgling sound in a sewer system is often an indication of a problem developing that needs immediate attention. Floor drains in bathrooms and other areas in the home are often the first to indicate signs of a sewer line blockage, as water will overflow from then till the drains can carry it away.

A sewer line blockage must be considered an emergency and must needblocked sewer the attention of experts. Left unattended, this can lead to water flooding all the lower areas of a home and leading to damage to floors, furniture, and fixtures. Formation of mold is inevitable in areas that are always damp, and the spores from the mold can cause serious respiratory problems, especially among children and the elderly.

Close off all water connections and refrain from using bathrooms and other things connected to the sewer mains, till you get in plumbers who can attend to and clear the blockage in the sewer lines.

After a flood has happened inside of your home or business, a local water damage restoration or mold remediation company will probably have to be contacted to assist with the mess and cleanup.

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